Friday February 8, 2013

it’s dark & his nose is smashed – but i still like.

i stayed up tonight. i cleaned the kitchen. i picked up dirty laundry. i wrote in homework notebooks. i found enough quarters to pay for the jobs i want done tomorrow. i took the last clean towel from the cupboard for a hot shower.

rex bought a new bath towel for me before christmas. it’s the only towel we’ve bought in almost a dozen years of married life.

the rest all came from bridal showers years ago. they look more like what you’d use to dry your car with after washing it …..

anyway i took the last one.

he did bring home new socks & a chocolate cake tonight.

i made soup & lit a candle.

sailor, jack & benny went to the ‘beach’ ’till they all came running back saying there was a dead coyote in an irrigation box.

i have used the atm machine 4 different times in the last two days. we ran out of checks …..

he says he would trust his life to me in nearly every area – except my ability to use an atm …. and order fast food.

when they give you three options $20, $40 & $60 but there are 4 buttons on the machine – seriously how are you suppose to know if it starts at the top and goes down so the last button means nothing or starts at the bottom and goes up so the top button is void!

exactly, you don’t know.
: )
you guess.

in my case, i always guess wrong.

it just means i end up paying extra $2.49 & $3 fees ’cause i meant to get $40 but pushed the $20 button instead.

he doesn’t get it.

that & fast food menus truly stress me out – don’t believe the subway commercials entirely. not all sandwiches are $5 this month, apparently the premium ones are $6.

who knew ….

he does, however, trust me with the kids : ) i had an official chaperone sticker last week. we got free passes to the aquarium & i convinced him to take the day off & come with us.



we love this little town on the coast. we spent our honeymoon there. it’s totally different almost 12 years later with half that many kids : ) we go back every so often – sometimes with them, sometimes without them.

we honestly like it best without them. but the aquarium is a cool place.
this time we discussed what type of invertebrates jelly fish were & didn’t leisurely stroll the downtown streets.
somehow we let ben wear a black hooded sweatshirt – nearly impossible to keep track of him in dark, barely lit exhibits & we only lost regan once …. she was happily sitting on the floor with nice security guard in the red blazer.

this weeks field trip is a graveside service tomorrow afternoon.
we weep with those who weep this weekend with a funeral for a friend whose now enjoying heaven. his family, his wife, his young boys are still here & hurting. yay for heaven. for Jesus. for hope. for godly men who leave examples worth following.

- – -

happy smashed nose kissing.
happy showers with old towels.
happy chocolate cake eating.
happy rejoicing in victory over death.
happy atm disasters avoided.
happy weekend.

- – -



Saturday February 2, 2013

so i’ve tried posting all month.

i’ve tried writing out thoughtfully deep thoughts.

i like to write but sometimes i’m ridiculous and it takes way too long.

is it killing you the way regan is standing with her pants unsnapped & her hands folded, too? ’cause it’s killing me : )

it’s taken way too long.

the short version of a decently long story is homeschooling & i don’t always get along. like 65% of the time don’t get along.

ok …. 71% ….. last wednesday 92% …..

: )

i wanted to write more about that but it’s not working and in the mean time everything else about our life is going unnoticed.

rex took me out to dinner.

he left a super great pair of superman panties on his pillow when he left for work.
he prayed for me.
he bought dark chocolate.
he hired help.

and we’ve got our head above water again.

i know who goes before me. i know who stands behind me. the God of angel armies is always by my side. the One who reigns forever, He is a friend of mine. the God of angel armies is always by my side.

my strength is in Your name, for You alone can save. You will deliver me, Yours is the victory.

whom shall i fear. whom shall i fear.

and nothing formed against me shall stand, You hold the whole world in your hands. i’m holding onto Your promises.

You are faithful. You are faithful. You are faithful.

great song – its my anthem of the year so far.

time to move on.

- – -

ben was showing chad what he had to look forward to at the barber
we have a library rule – you carry your own books : )
the dishwasher was broke for 5 days ….
he fell asleep on my shoulder – i kissed him over & over & over
my favorite of this group …. we stopped so jack could go to the bathroom & then 4 more crawled out. i smiled & waved & stayed in the car with chad – he didn’t think it nearly as funny as i did : )
we had too many carts at the grocery
field trip to the aquarium –
she thought she was being so helpful : )
she really did make duct tape collars for her chickens to tell them apart
the boys
if i’m brave enough i’ll say this next time i’m asked
my other favorite – i heart white oneies

- – -

i know who goes before me. i know who stands behind me. the God of angel armies is always by my side. the One who reigns forever, He is a friend of mine. the God of angel armies is always by my side.

- – -


Thursday January 24, 2013

it’s really pretty hard … but i’m ignoring all the updated posts that are showing in my news feed. : )

my fingers are thawing out while i type – jacky went with me on a run this afternoon. it was rain not sweat that was dripping off my nose by the end of our loop around fields & orchards.

don’t be impressed …. it’s only the second two miles of the year.

he rode his bike & talked my ear off. he spider webbed conversations like a girl would, barely finishing a sentence before he was on to the next. then interrupting himself noticing shot gun shells or old tires in the bottom of the canal.

i wanted to record the whole thing – it was beautiful.

so hi! do you miss us? i miss us : )

i’ve gotten the ‘hey you should post sometime’ text from amie …. so that means it’s been awhile.

the other day i wanted to sit & post – monday was a holiday. rex was home. the kids had the day off school. it was a ridiculously gorgeous winter day. they were all outside, working & playing even little chady … cause he’s that big now.

he turns 1 next monday. one whole year.

so he’s big enough to cruise around in the walker. it’s especially thrilling when the little sister friends push him from place to place or benny ties ropes to the front & pretend he’s the wagon or the horse or the pirate ship.

i was inspired to take pictures …. even though the post never happened. i found my lost lens, too. that was a bonus.

these are all from other members of the family from last sunday morning when we rallied to make it to the donut shop before church.

- – -

i love this one,  she’s singing at the top of her lungs les mis …. ‘do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men – it is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!!’

she carried around one of the pipes rex was working with in the field, skipping & singing away.

i love …. 5 year old girls. her especially.

more working with dad – they even loaded chad, walker & all, up into the truck for a ride out back.

he humors me, when i sit like a wallflower & snap pictures while he works.

i’m still slightly aghast at the color my hair looks in these pictures – molly said she wanted to take my picture.

i also cut bangs last month – in case you hadn’t noticed ; )


she’s a beautifully, hilarious little fire cracker – with a personality unlike any of the others before her.

she told me the other day ‘you not we mother, you is we mom!’

i cannot bring myself to correct her misuse of pronouns yet.

‘we go to we house.’
‘to babysit we, mom?’
‘we not make we bed, mom?’
‘and daddy bring it home for we!!’

‘well death is another word for dying’ molly explained to regan as the ambulance passed our car with is sirens blaring

‘i’m done with school, mom. farewell!!’ ben proclaimed.

‘i’m temperature-ing the water, mom. i filled it wiht cold water & now i’m temperature-ing to see if its getting hot. maybe i should put a heater by it.’ ben, the wanna be scientist said.  mom, the detective now knew why the carpet was soaked.

jack told rex ‘dad i think ben will find a girl ‘wildy-ish’ or he won’t get married’

he also asked me ‘mom were you 71 when you got this house or 17?’

we’ll come back & do some birthday posting soon. he’s no longer 7.

- – -


Friday December 21, 2012

we aren’t mailing cards this year.
i’m extra sorry for those who don’t read about us online who would usually get one.

benny colored a hand drawn nativity scene that was going to be our card.
we took enough pictures to mail cards for the rest of this decade.
but as you can clearly see – the perfect moment was never quite captured : )

- – -

merry christmas!

Tuesday December 18, 2012

i’m up late …. the computer ate a christmas project i was working on ….. and i’ve just spent the time to redo it.

the first post on facebook at 1:18am was a youtube clip about newton, connecticut. i’ve played it several times.

we have 6 year old. we also have a 7 year old.

there are moms all the way across the country who don’t anymore …

i wonder what they’ll do with already bought christmas presents.
or maybe they had airline tickets for a christmas family vacation.
or maybe they hadn’t taken their christmas card picture yet ….

man, i’m glad God is bigger.

- – -

christmas is coming along here. the kids are out of school. we’re reading an exciting book that goes along with the advent this year. we’ve been to plays. we’ve been shopping. we’ve been stressed : )

we were asked to be a part of a christmas program at church. back in october i didn’t think it’d be a big deal to come up with a little something ….. that was in october, now it’s december! rex’s kids ad-lib very well ; ) 

- – -

i feel like i repeat myself sometimes in posting these …. but amie doesn’t instagram & obviously we need to explain to her why we took each one – so for amie …..

  • well this is just dolly & frosty
  • benny made his bed ‘just like dad’, was totally proud of himself & wanted me to send a picture to rex
  • did i tell you we got a dog? he showed up one morning & hasn’t left. his name is charlie
  • benny stood just like that once  … in that crib, wearing those zippys, smiling – i had to take a picture
  • 3 guesses who drew that & the first 2 don’t count
  • he took the girls to the nutcracker …. i was almost jealous : )
  • pink joseph & blue mary were taking a trip, i guess
  • that was the pound cake ….
  • he’s got mad climbing skills, especially with his jumper – it was the first time rex saw him do it & he was smiling for him
  • well you know what those are …. you can just call it christmas on your bum : )
  • that’s our tree … at night … in black & white ….
  • i have aspiring goals for those!
  • it was probably a tie over who was prouder – rex, for tying it up or roo, for keeping it there : )
  • they were playing ring around the rosies with rosie …. yes it was that beautiful
  • obviously she gets her fashion sense from you
  • i know, he’s crazy adorable : )
  • this one …. you just woulda had to of been there
  • chady was tickled to be at the table & regan was tickled to have him there
  • the sister friends in their seats waiting for the nutcracker to start
  • debbie insisted i send you this for shock value & proof
  • well that’s rex : ) at lowes : ) pushing our tree in to pay for it : )
  • she said it was the 1st time i’d ever bought her a happy meal, i believed her
  • and i know …. this is hard to believe …. i took my 6 children to mcdonalds, bought them all happy meals & let them play all over the play place. they had fun.



i know that was a lot of pictures …. i need to instagram more than …. well more often than i do : )

- – -

merry christmas –


Saturday December 8, 2012

benny thought the boughs should be reindeer antlers & he was doing his christmas dance. regan had already done her christmas dance & jack was trying to get chad to look at the camera. they all picked their own clothing – i think that’s all the disclaimers the new header needs : )

- – -

i don’t think we’ve picked out a christmas tree by ourselves, just the two of us since 2002 ….

it was my idea.
we were out on a date and had the truck ….

no crazy trek to the mountains to cut our own, or family trip to the fancy tree lot to all agree on which one would be perfect.

nope, the local lowes parking lot had a section of just marked down noble firs – ta da, done.

rex actually felt a little guilty.
i went with buying them little boxes of twinkle lights for the windows in their rooms to mask the fact that we got the tree without them : )

but the decorating …. after he strung the lights …. that was all them.

pajama clad, while muffins bakes & have yourself a merry little christmas played they hung ornaments in the same middle section of the tree.  we don’t have lovely christmas trees with matching ornaments all perfectly placed. we have funky trees with hodge podge ornamants dating back to 1979 complete with my feather angle with the gold crown made in my sunday school class when i was 5. and jacky’s face on a glitter paper bell that takes up the whole of one side : )

chady got put in his walker so he could watch more & help less : )

- – -

we say we’re heading to the mountains next year, where there is snow & hundreds of trees & memories waiting to be made ….

but this was kinda a fun way too and, they like their festive lights around the windows.

Friday November 30, 2012

5:45pm can not come soon enough.

friday afternoon homework is dragging & i’m not sure who will be more excited when it’s finished – sailor or i!

i don’t think i can handle one more question for another piece of paper. yet the lopsided snowman standing next to colorful christmas trees they are drawing on those pieces of paper are slaying me with their darling-ness so i keep saying sure, one more each time they ask.

at one a.m. last night i was thinking i’d rather chad be crying & fussy during a nap time than during my nights sleep (or lack thereof!) but what do you know …. this afternoon during his fussy nap i wasn’t convinced.

he’s teeth are bothering him, i’m pretty sure ….
i can’t even believe i’m typing that as i hate that line for a fussy baby. oh it’s teeth – like that is the only forever reason a baby is allowed to cry or fuss.

i do have to say my mom skills in the midnight hours have improved through the kids …. i am much more patient. i do not flop back into bed hard enough so rex knows i’ve been up for the 27th time, like i used to : )

so all in all chad is reaping the benefits of not being the 1st …. (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th …) kid.

and boys & jeans & rain …. there is way more rain & not enough jeans.

and lest you think i’m on the verge of needing drugs to alter my mental state! let’s assure you that i’m really ok : )

i am so struck right now with this thought – i can show love because God has shown love to me!

i can show love … i can.

i can be patient because He is patient with me.
i can forgive because He has forgiven me.
i can …. anything really, because He has …. everything.


a couple of weeks ago molly made some passing comment about how rex should buy her a blow up snowman.

i totally agreed with her … in a ha, ha, ha sort of way.

fast forward to yesterday when rex said he had to go to home depot & molly wanted to go with him.

jokes on me ….. he bought a blow up snowman & now our yard is just super classy for this holiday season & an almost 5 year old little girl is delighted!

- – -

1. why would you not leave the grocery with a brown bag on your head??
2. he was thinking outside was better than inside.
3. she likes to dress herself, regardless of the hardship to herself.
4. again, her cuteness makes up for her lack of skill
5. he likes to help
6. owl pellets …. youtube that & you’ll have it stuck in your head too.
7. the lunch help
8. how the boys think they should ride to bed every night.
9. her after run morning hot chocolate.
10. watching his brothers play ball
11. a brother playing ball
12. at the polls
13. she likes to hold him more than he likes her to hold him
14. rex was sweating just looking at him
15. their art ….
16. she seriously hopped all the way to school
17. then she vacuumed.
18. then she rang the bell to call the kids

- – -

so, on days when drugs might have helped – lol.
nothing a babysitter & leopard print flats can’t fix … yay for 5:45 : )

happy weekend.
plug in a blow up snowman & enjoy it’s wonder!

- – -


Wednesday November 28, 2012

chady isn’t into cleaning up the house.

he’s trying to impress me with is mad pull up on the couch skills.  he gets up, blabs to get my attention & then rocks back & forth & smiles.

- – -

i have discovered the beauty of ordering on amazon. when your address & credit card number are already on file & they ship it to you for free and it comes in 2 days, it is way, wAy too easy to shop.

add to cart. add to cart. add to cart.
click. click. click.
way too easy : )
merry. merry. christmas.

the cat  & him compete for leftovers - 

- – -

i want to go on a date.
i want to read library books to the kids.
i want to not what number the scale says when i stand on it.

we’re going to put chad to bed. he is more important than a picked up house & he is no longer impressed with is mad couch skills.

- – -

i love this.

let them give thanks to the Lord for His lovingkindness & for His wonders to the sons of men. psalms 107

Thursday November 22, 2012

we worked from 11 to 12 last night. we figured we’d have more time from 11 to 12 last night than we’d have from 8 to 9am this morning … even though both were an hour.

the kids were showered & in bed. we’d watched a movie & rex had fixed some part on the car.

we grated cheese & chopped nuts for a cheese ball.
we listened to christmas music.
my veggie dip fell off the counter & landed on the ground.
at 11:45pm it was actually really funny – i laughed : )

somehow mixing spinach with the sour cream & seasoning for a bread bowl dip made me think of grandma. of her kitchen & the sounds & sights & smells of thanksgivings there.

i was going to use her relish fork for my veggie platter, i decided.

you weren’t ever suppose to use your fingers to pick up olives from her vegetable spreads & this year just because i have her silverware we weren’t going to use fingers either.

for the record …. i actually don’t think i ever used her relish fork at thanksgivings for olives …. unless some aunt was watching ; )

sailor woke up at 3am throwing up.

rex was insanely sick friday & saturday. the germs spread & sunday, monday & tuesday a better part of us were down.

throw in a wicked case of mastitis for me & we have had a brutal few days.

but by wednesday we were back & really looking forward to thanksgiving with family we hardly-ever-less-than-once-a-year see.

’til 3 am.


- – -

i will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart & i will enter His courts with praise. i will say this is the day that the Lord has made, i will rejoice for He has made me glad.

He has made me glad, He has made me glad, i will rejoice for He has made glad.

plan b.
we’ve watched the parade. we’ve ate muffins. we’ve made brown bag indian vests. we’ve even watched the national dog show. we cut feathers for brave headbands. we’ve loved sailor. we’ve played legos. we’ve eaten our cheese ball.

we’ll take naps. we’ll watch football. we’ll play football. we’ll go for a walk. we’ll love sailor. we’ll be thankful.

he who is not thanking God for His benefits, is forgetting them.

there are way to many benefits to be forgetful, so we’ll be thankful.

- – -

- – -

rex bought a paper …. my email is full …. the commercials are everywhere …. doorbusters, doorbusters!!
ahh, to be at target at 9pm or not ???

poinsettias for 99 cents.
and thanks to genius marketing, i now think i need a new washing machine & a scarf in every color & christmas dishes & new throw pillows for my bed : )

he is the darling-est little indian boy brave ever.
happy thanksgiving ~